A good book to read!

Passport is my favorite book
The title seems interesting and sort of exciting. There are times in our lives where we tend to take some decisions pertaining to some vivid circumstances and at that moment of our lives we tend to go away leaving everything behind. There are things we seek from life and we contemplate on our past, reflect upon them, we find a sleek resolution to look into the future with the warmth and brightness that enhances our lives.
The book mainly talks about travelling and the theme is associated around mainly on this point. The passion and adventure of the characters mentioned here, the way protagonist the way he leaves behind his past and extrapolates mysterious and an unexplored places in worth noticing. Characterization has been done well, plot is well chosen & moderately paced. The description of things is what really touched my heart. The book lives up to the mark and and I am happy to have selected it to read. I am not going to describe the story in detail as it has been given on the blurb and description to be precise. What I would like to mention is the way things have been described, the the beautiful description of things. Language and the vocabulary and the way the poetic touch has been thrown in to make the readers feel it’s not a fiction but it’s realistic book and that is what means to read a well-crafted book
Though I would like to mention that the book lacks on some aspects like it has some blank points or missing loops and it somewhat felt monotonous at times, but nevertheless it’s a beautiful read. A book bahut recommending to all the reader who love adventures and fantasy.

Author: sumithchowdhury

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