A good book to read!

Rage of the maggots
Cover seems ok but it could have been improved. Title is interesting though I felt it is too centrally revolved. The book is basically a psycho thriller and it revolves around medical science. Theme centralises around brutal funny moments, some sad moments and there’s no doubt lots of violence involved, though it has its own bittersweet as well as there are lots hilarious moments which has a bit of sense of humour and a feather to the cap.
The book is divided into three stories and three different perspective which is basically a drama which has been extrapolated and the writer being a doctor, the plot revolves mostly on medical field and obviously it has to involve scethoscope and patients and lot many instances which we come across in our day to day life.
Narration and storytelling seems to be fine and it also extra discusses facts that mankind always abuses power no matter where we go, indifference of place, relevance, even time doesn’t matter. What truly matters is fact that humanity is at Stake and if things go just like this I am sure that the mankind would cease to exist. Language is simple and it has a good pace. A good book to those who prefer to read thrillers and dramas.

Author: sumithchowdhury

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