Book review 62 : The Journey by Tarun Deep Singh

The Journey – Traveller Within

Tarun Deep Singh

The journey is a book of self-catering & realisation of oneself. It has been written in a simple way with an intention to make the readers realise the important aspects of life which every person questions himself without fail.

What I liked about the book is the glossary provided at every page which helps in easy understanding of the content given. Another bonus point was the appendix material which has been given at the end of the book helps in further detailed process of encapsulating the material with refine deeds. The information is further extrapolated with the help of graphical representations, designs, simple diagrams, flowcharts with lables, freeflow diagrams which helps in enhanced quality of the overall book which results in greater learning experience!

Also, the quote added in every section of the book encompassed with the sanskrit shlokas & saying accompanied by their meanings accomplished altogether into a very fine read.

Cover is simple. I wish it could have been better designed.
Title is simple.
Narration is okay. Language is simple.
Overall, a good one-time read.

Author: sumithchowdhury

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