Book review 267 : The Carol Of the reactors by Vishal Suchak

The Carol Of the reactors

Vishal Suchak

Cover is aesthetic. It’s simple yet attractive. Though a bit more designing could’ve added nice spark to it.
Title is catchy, interesting & has a good sound to it. It goes in well accordance with the plot. One of the very reason why I chose to pick up this book.
For people who don’t read much of this genre may find it difficult to decipher or understand the content of the book let alone the plot. This is due to the fact that the beginning doesn’t fit well with the aforementioned blurb. So it takes considerable time to get into the groove of the story. In fact, that’s why it may seem complicated or confusing at times. However, as the book progresses the readers will succumb succinctly into the science fiction story etched here.

Characterisation is good. Narration is okay. Language is fine, simple & easy to understand. The concept based on the content may seem well researched. But, the very fact that it encourages me to learn something new is commendable indeed. Another drawback being the unnecessary twists & turns incorporated throughout the book seemed unnecessary to me. It was extrapolated beyond the required need. Nonetheless, the scientific terms used at many places in the book maybe a teeny bit difficult to grasp.

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