Book review 268 : It’s not only love by Jeetendra Wadhwani

It’s not only love

Jeetendra Wadhwani

I don’t know if I should call this book as a novel or a mere sequence of text messages which has been combined to put forth a book. So basically it’s a series of successive dialogues which go on in a sequential manner. I’ve never come across any such format of book in my life, so it was a bit difficult for me to decipher & digest it. I felt the overall book was inept & narrative lackadaisical. Honestly, if you ask me – It’s okay for teenagers but not for adults or avid readers who read plenty of books everyday. In short, a teenage gossip fiction book.

Characterisation is good. The only aspect I liked about the book. Language is simple. Narration is okay. Writing style is okay. Needs considerable work & consistency in terms of building up a good framework necessary for novels. The book falls short in terms of effort & research as well.

Sense of humour is nice. Another aspect I liked about the book. Otherwise, it doesn’t promise much in terms of good storytelling – which makes it quite interesting, an important sense when it comes to pen novels. Overall, an okay read.

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