Book review 366 : Get your next promotion by Manbir Kaur

Get your next promotion

We often find ourselves in the crossroads of life where we get frustrated with our same old day-to-day tedious jobs. Professionally we may look happy or content, however, on the inside we’re as unhappy & unsatisfied as possibly anyone could be. The hapless pivotal margin leads us to a substantial block from where we find ourselves totally helpless with no point of return. It can be quite annoying, frustrating to deal with & hitherto challenging. That’s why we find people giving more resignations these days than sticking upto the game. That’s when this book comes into the equation where it helps us decide which path is right for us.

The theme ranges from various aspects like career development, financial planning, emotional intelligence, master integration to management learning, etc which are very essential for any employee to grow futuristically. The novel also provides step-by-step analysis which enables readers to set up a goal, focus on their career & build their life positively.

Writing style is good accompanied by a nice narration. The way it has been presented to us with an effective command over storytelling helps us to stay till the end. Language is simple. One needs to be in a clear state of mind to use the tips or techniques given here & thus, apply them in their life. It’s upto the readers on how to orient themselves to adapt to various situations. That’s what this book points our & is all about. A good one-time read!

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