Book review 387 : God is great by Upendra Kumar

God is great

Everything in life carries a distinctive meaning in one form or another. The simple realisation of this fact is what makes life worth living for.
Some people have everything that life has to offer. Let it be money, wealth, prosperity or something like status. But, what they fail to lack is peace of mind, joy or happiness.
We often believe that those who live in huge bungalows, own cars & have copious amounts of money tend to be happy. However, on the contrary – the irony of life which most of us fail to realise is that those who live in small abodes tend to be more happier, resilient & content with whatever life has to offer.

Some people believe that science is everything, whereas those who tend to walk on the spiritual edge of life tend to differ on their opinions. They believe that spirituality is the essence of all existence. However, both are interconnected in one way or another. This is a very crucial truth & those who grasp the meaning of this achieve true enlightenment. The fact that science is an abridged version of spirituality is hard to accept for many. But vibrations, frequencies, energies, synergistic participle behaviour, faith, spirituality, humanity – these are all states of matters pertaining to different forms – some being materialistic whereas others are transcendental in nature.

Keeping this fact in mind, this short book draws a syllogism on love, faith, spirituality & science. It’s quite interesting the way it’s been penned down keep fiction & reality in check. Writing style is good accompanied by a nice narration. The simple flow of the content along with the little narrative facts keeps it engaging. A good one-time read!

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