Book review 388 : The billionaire and the monk by Vibhor Kumar

The billionaire and the monk

Whan an eye-opener, especially in the art of liberation of the soul!

Happiness can never be measured. It can only be retrospected from one pathway to another, from one scenary to another – as it shifts between people seeking a transition throughout their lives. Truth of the fact is when you pass away, people aren’t going to remember the immense wealth you possess or power your exercise. But the paradigm being, they’ll rather reminisce your kind yet humble nature, polite behaviour & cheerful attitude towards helping others.

Whatever we do in our lives, let it be earning money, or something like achieving multiple degrees – the fact remains the same – the ultimate goal to be happy no matter where life head towards. However, the main desire being – to gain self-catering respect from the people around us & society; self respect for oneself & live independently without being dependent upon anyone’s mercy.

However, hardly things go as we pertain them to be. There’re bound to be many obstacles in our path to success. All we need to do is to foster the desire & enriching zeal of never giving up. This self-help book focuses on building self confidence & gain control over major mortal sins of life which bounds us down to earth.

We might have come across these salient things already at some point or another in our lives. This novel just highlights the key things & gently reminds us of what we need to, which prominent virtues we need to hold onto to attain a complete blissful state.

The story is explained easily with the backdrops of just two characters, a businessman & the other being a monk. Each try to understand the meaning of happiness & purpose of life from their viewpoints respectively! Language is simple, easy to use & understand. Narration is good. Plot is well chafted & subtle. A good one-time read!

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