Book review 389 : Life Unshackled by Mallikarjun

Life Unshackled

How many times does it happen that we meet someone & they become the sole reason our life changes completely, for the better. The best part being if the change is reflected on the positive side, instead of harbouring the negative aspect. Similarly, a good story can also trace a change & sparkle an enticing beginning in our hearts.

Keeping this viewpoints in mind, the story follows the same trend when Rudra’s life changes drastically when he meets Krupa yet for the better part, as she’s a sex worker. Both have a similar lifestyle & fortitude towards the hardships they faced. Rudra has a rough life where he has to work hard. Similarly, things weren’t easy for Krupa either considering nothing had been offered to her on a silver platter. She had to work in order to achieve every little thing.

The book highlights how a person can change irrespective of what backgrounds he/she may come from. It doesn’t matter what prophecies are etched as harbingers of destruction set on course by fate – but, if one never lose hope – they’ll realise that things are going to get better eventually. Hence, this transition which has been brought upon by a smooth transformation becomes a key highlight/aspect of this novel.

Language is okay. Narration is okay. Writing style is normal. Plot has been dragged unnecessarily without any control where things could’ve been shorter if kept upon the desired requirement. However, they got stretched here without any control which makes it very irksome to read. An okay read.

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