Book review 425 : Like the radiant sun by Anu Kay

Like the radiant sun

When mythology combines with mystery it gives a different yet surreal kind of novel. Hinduism is something most of the Indians take pride in because many believe it’s the beginning of everything. Infact, the entire world comes alive just by the mere mention of it. In addition to that, there’s always the underlying fact that there’re numerous mythological stories from where all human beings can partake wisdom. It shares knowledge of the entire universe & tells us to share it by teaching kindness. People can derive & extract all forms of diverse information by following the Holy books like vedas, inscriptions, enchantments, etc. It encompasses sacred texts which preach about teaching compassion, morality, ethics, humanity & much more. It’s the absolute embodiment of spirituality. The guidance it provides us shows us prominently that we’re all made up of blood & bone & children originating from the the very same everlasting tree of almighty. However, the beleaguered truth is that hardly very few understand it let alone believe in it.

Writing style is absolutely beautiful. It’s the pinnacle of storytelling which every reader craves for. The futuristic blend of mystery, mythology & fiction gives birth to a new genre – thus rendering a chill while reading it. Though it says it’s a work of fiction, I’m absolutely certain that there’s some truth behind the very embodiment & construction of the novel. The amount of research done in terms of religious scripts & deciphering the information behind every sacred texts is something worth commenting upon. The reason being is the addition of several anecdotes, quotes & excerpts everywhere accompanied by a rich narration. I must say, I’m quite intriguied by all this since I’ve always been fascinated with Hinduism ever since I came to know about it. I’ve been brought up with stories of gods & goddesses about banishing demons in the world. It instills the feeling of righteousness & walking the path of dharma. A well balanced book in terms of important elements which are essential in building up a great novel. A book worth recommending to every reader who loves to read mythology.

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