Book review 187 : The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh

Honesty, the only thing I liked about the book is the cover design & the title chosen here. Cover has been designed really well, considering the fact that this is a funny book to read. Title is intriguing, catchy & apt – one of the very reason I decided to pick this book. Because it caught my attention. However, I must say I was very much disappointed with the writing style, narration, story & the entire plot extrapolated here.

Only at the beginning of the book, ‘prologue’ which drove me to read the complete book. To my dismay, it was slight interesting only in the initial few chapters. However, later I felt the story was way too dragged, monotonous, & just stretched unnecessarily beyond the requisite amount just to make the book big enough to make the readers uncomfortable. The additional 150 pages weren’t necessary at all. If this book was a short read, then it would have been feasible. However, what makes it worse is the huge length accompanied by the sheer exhaustion in completing it, made me too tiresome & bored beyond recognition!

The sense of humour incorporated throughout the book totally failed. It’s like the author forced his book to be funny via many plausible attempts which can be seen evidently thoroughly throughout – but he failed miserably. Not only did it turned me off, but also made me feel very uncomfortable & cringy. And not to forget the amount of slangs, abuses, abusive context, sexual references & profanity used here. So I maynot suggest this for younger generation.

There’re only few aspects I liked about the book, which I’m sharing below :

‘Why do Indian men ogle more than those from the developed world?’
‘Sometimes we stare at them making them uncomfortable. Sometimes unknowningly, where women may perceive men’s gaze as lustful even if it was appreciative in nature. Because we’re a sexually repressive society. You see, when you’re starving, you turn into an animal. When you’re satisfied, you’re human. Lack of sex education also adds to the cause. The combination of these two leads to curiosity. The lack of these two increases the sexual tension to disproportionate levels & without any proper guidance to understand & channilize this energy, it leads to animal-like instincts.’

‘Why only Indian men then? If it’s about belonging to a sexually repressive society, why don’t Indian women display the same behaviour? I mean, why only one gender?’
‘Because back home, we’re also a patriarchal society. Women have been controlled & told that they can’t cross so many lines, lines that men are allowed to. In addition, I think that our skewed gender ratio too has a role to play. The imbalance drives this animal-like instinct. Top it with the historical trend of objectification of women in bollywood.

Even women check out men if they’re hot, but they don’t make it too obvious. Because women have rightfully equal rights, they too want to stare at men. Women love the idea of being looked at. They find that there’s a possibility that staring at them is a proof that they’re attractive. They too enjoy being stated at, but that depends on the kind of guy who’s checking her out. That will determine whether she enjoys the attention or not. Men should observe the woman’s body language. She’ll drop hints. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll convey it without even speaking. A woman gets to advocate, decide, determine & demand if she wants to be stared or not. Because the woman is the one who’s being looked at. She isn’t an object but a living being. You aren’t supposed to keep staring at her unless she welcomes your gaze. Men should pick those hints given by women. In fact, if the man is smart enough, this staring thing can be used as a powerful tactic to woo women, if it’s used judiciously by men. Be watchful of the person you’re looking at. Follow her or his body language for cues on whether or not he or she is liking it.

‘Just because Indian parents bring their children into this world doesn’t mean they get to control their lives forever.
Why do our parents want us to live the way they want us to live?
Because they tend of believe they know better than us. Because they’ve spent more time on this planet than us.
But the problem lies in the fact that they should raising them. They don’t get that, beyond a point, it’s their children’s lives they’re interfering in. Just because they’re responsible & accountable for their children’s lives & therefore they allow to live the way they want. But wisdom lies in understanding that even if their children are a piece of their heart, their minds are independent. They’ve their own wishes & want to make their own choices. They don’t want to live in this world by their parents standards. In fact, to expect their children to live as per their parents’ choices in itself in incorrect. It compromises the very fundamental aspect of freedom.

Book review 186 : Love Knows No LoC by Arpit Vageria

Love knows No LoC

Arpit Vageria

It’s been a long time since I read a very good romance book which depicts emotions in an overflowing manner. It lives upto it’s reputation. And I’m glad I picked up this book to read for which I’ll never regret. The thing which makes this book special is that I get to learn something out of it. And this book will undoubtedly be very close to my heart & soul. Because the thing which makes this book unique is that it describes human emotions, their feelings, thought process in a very raw format – which takes the readers to the ground reality, rather than always taking them into a world of fantasy or fiction!

Fiction is alright upto some extent. However, when it comes to reality we must brace ourselves to face it. And this book manages to accomplish that. It shows us that thought we as humans are children of God, made from the same elements we come from. Our lives comprise only of living in peace & harmony, however, only to our avail we hardly ever manage to follow it. We’ve created religions, countries, sects, races, castes, tribes which divide people & keep them apart from each other.

We’re concerned about the society & people, however, what we fail to understand & believe is that – our main motto is life is to live happily & love everyone. And with the plot of India-Pakistan enmity & choosing cricket as it’s centre accompanied by singing – this book makes it possible & plausible enough to be read. Because we people hold grudges for simple things & fight & kill each other for silly reasons, when we can just simply live happily with each other.

It’s never been easy to see the person you love the most leave you. Sometimes, you just want it to be a bad dream & sometimes, you just wait for it to pass. But when you come out of the darkness, you find that the truth is the light that’s outside & the truth is that the person you loved has already started another journey elsewhere. To a place where you wouldn’t be, where they would be dear to someone else, leaving memories & a lifetime of pain behind.
Everything in the world has a fix but, sadly, emotions don’t.We’re all destined to play certain roles in our own love stories. Sometimes we find ourselves playing the role of a friend who supports the other even when they’re wrong. At other times we want a friend understand our angst even when the whole world turns against us & stand by us in the teeth of opposition. If that doesn’t happen, we begin to doubt ourselves. ‘I love you. I’m yours, always.
I’m going to be an Indian, who would still be a Pakistani at heart, if you’re ready to be a Pakistani who would be an Indian ag heart for me.’Moments where everything is beautiful & real, every kiss has it’s own meaning. Sometimes it takes us into a different world & sometimes it makes our existing world full of beauty.There’s a special place in this world where nobody is judged for who they’re. They’re simply allowed to live & grow. That place is called love.Sometimes, life can change in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a lost hope that can never be rekindled. Sometimes, you’ve an answer to the questions life throws at you, but sometimes you get trapped by them, so much so that it’s difficult for you to come out of them. Ever.I wanted the universe to tell me if we deserved to be together or not. I wanted you to follow me to the ends of the earth &, most importantly, I wanted you to be sure of us getting back together.We’re horribly flawed people, & love is all about loving the best & accepting the worst. We’re what we’re & we’ll be what we allow ourselves to be. We need to trust each other.Be it Pakistan or India, we’ll always be together, but we’ll make our own world far away from all this hatred. I’ll your Pakistan when you need me to be & I’ll be you’ll be my India when I need you. We’ll not a different world for each other but be the best world for each other.Humans are a strange species, carrying their petty grudges forever & missing out on so much of love.

Language is simply fantastic. It’s beautiful & enriching. The words & vocabulary chosen makes it delectable & delightful enough to be read by everyone. Romance lovers will simply devour the book. Narration is beautiful & catchy.

The book was monotonous at times. It felt it dragged constantly & unnecessarily. Also, I felt there was a time lag between each timelines when there was a switch off sciences. Also, there were some strong abusive language used – which may come across as insensitive to some young readers. Overall, a good one-time love story to be read!

Book review 185 : The curse of Anuganga by Harini Srinivasan

The Curse of Anuganga

Harini Srinivasan

The curse of anuganga is a historical thriller which ensnares & weaves an intricate framework of ancient history. It captivates murder mystery along with the trench of history & mythology. The vivid intracellular depiction leading with a nonchalant description of things really makes the readers encapsulated & hooked into the book!

What’s really interesting is the unique plot which has been a really interesting one. The wide range of characterisation of the kings & queens with strong portrayal & essentially powerful makes it more plausible enough to be read. The historical research has been quite exceptionally done with grade management framework which becomes quite evident as we move along the story.

Language is quite good. Storyline & plot has been selected well. It has enough twists & turns incorporated correctly at certain times which keeps it balanced throughout. Climax is totally justified. Also, the way mystery has been revealed is also good.

The Curse of Anuganga is about a young man, Shaunaka, a jeweller’s son who lives in Nandivardhana in 403 CE. His life changes when he ends up helping the local police solve a murder he accidentally stumbles upon. The deceased man, Vinayashura, is an affluent trader with mysterious links to the royal family in Nandivardhana. The rest of the story is about how Shaunaka helps the police figure out who killed Vinayashura.

However, all things said & done, I found some drawbacks in the book. It lost its touch somewhere in the middle of the book. It became really monotonous. Considering the length of the book, it just felt like the author tried to drag things unnervingly unnecessarily. It lost it’s grip in the second half. As a result, the manipulative narration became bad & lost it’s essence. At some places, it felt adequate information has been provided, whereas at others it felt as if more explanation was required. Overall, a good one-time mythological read!

Book review 184 : A house for Mr. Misra

We all have our own dreams. And they mean everything to us. The special ones are those which pertains to have our own house in our very little world with our own small happy family. Some may call it as a mean of happiness whilst others may consider it to be an obsession. And this has been passed on from generations to generations amongst the Indians mostly.

When the established writer Jaishree Misra & her husband decide to return from UK to her native state ‘Kerala’ to build themselves their very own small house; little did they knew that fate had something rather interesting in store for them. What they didn’t expect was for the life-defining experience, Kerala state with it’s very own bureaucracy & business landscape would provide.

The most thrilling aspect which likely gets Infused in the minds of the readers is the amount of sense of humour incorporated throughout the book. Witty phrases, catchy lines, quotes, reallife anecdotes, & not to forget the twists & turns added, makes it a delectable read. Language is really good. Narration is superb. An amazing short read.

Book review 183 : Kikki by Kaushal Vijay


Kaushal Vijay

If I’ve read anything dissapointing recently. Then this would be it. There was nothing new here. Same old plain sophomore sophisticated bland story. It describes about a family & nothing else.
Plot is monotonous, featish & slow. Narration is boring & cumbersome. It was so tiresome to finish it.
There was nothing interesting. Nothing new which could be deciphered out of the book.

Language was incompressible incomprehensible & way too simple. Even the editing was poor. I came across too many mistakes in various levels. Story doesn’t connect with me in anyway. The way it describes in blurb & description to be realistic. However, I couldn’t find anything that could lead me to real life.

The story basically involves Kikki who lives in a common home from a common place. Like how most of us fall in the cataclysmic catacombic caterpillary category of middle class where households hardly sustains anything for the children, let alone the entire family. The only aspect is liked is the way author pointed out the common man & his struggles to meet ends to lead a normal lifestyle. How often parents & other members of the family, fail to accomplish dreams & they also fail to accommodate their happiness. In turn, sacrificing everything for their children!

Book review 182 : The Escape Route by Dishant Huria

The Escape Route

Dishant Huria

‘The Escape Route’, as the name goes it’s an escape for the readers. I like the cover design especially the reddish effect given to it. Title is apt & catchy.

Theme talks about friendship between three teenagers which turns into a complicated & messy move triangle. Since puberty & sometimes adolescence can be tricky, it’s often that we find ourselves in a dilemma pertaining to whether the feelings we share for others is love or perhaps just a fleeting infatuation. The college life, touch & atmosphere rendered to it makes it plausible enough to be read.

Characterisation is good. Book turns out to be boorish at times. However, it picks up the pace in the mid ventral section. The choices rendered to the characters insisting on the confusion of career, love, life, friendship, family & all other aspects which any growing adult faces – is quite realistic & can be remarkably applied in our daily lives. As we know we often face this kind of situation in our daily lives.

Language is simple, easy to use. Narration is okay. Pace is slow. It could have been better if it had been quick. Overall, a good onetime read.

Book review 181 : Images by Shanth Sam Dcruz


Cover is okay. It could have been designed better. Title is apt & goes in according to the topic in hand. Alas, all said & done. The book turned out to be a bit dissapointing. I wished it could have been better.

Characterisation could have been a lot better. Considering the intricate way it has been written which makes it more lengthy, plausible & painfully dull – resulting in making it monotonous. Language is simple. I felt it could be improvised. Narration is slacky, considering the fact that it could have been attractive & the addition of irrelevant & unrelenting unrelated emoticons in texts – made it even more cringy.

Writing, plot development makes me feel off. Even with all possible scenarios of judgements of rights & wrongs – I expected it to touch my heart. However, in the end I felt left off. Sense of humour has been incorporated in a very efficient manner.

What makes this book worth reading is the amount of pain added as the central theme which helps understand the book & the story much better. It’s also very heartwarming, heartwrenching & warming at certain places. The climax & ending is justified.