Book review 377 : Yesterday’s Ghosts by Nikhil Pradhan

Yesterday’s Ghosts

If you’ve a fondness towards fast-paced thrillers, then you must read this spy novel. It embodies the way we perceive the traditional indoor skill-based strategy game, ie ‘Chess.’
The Zero-sum game which leads to a perfect information of brain mapping via the rendering of human memory & cognitive psychology is a marvel of humankind to behold.

I personally liked this book very much as I’ve an affinity towards chess & a considerable inkling of it since I’m a statelevel champion of this very strategy game. So likewise, when it comes to vivid descriptions concerning Chess, I’m quite familiar with them.
Furthermore, I’ve read the previous work from the same author which was purely a dark suspense-mystery crime thriller novel based on the disappearance of a 10 year old girl.

Once you read this, you’ll be able to unlock many mysteries which are woven subtly into the basic salient features of the unknown. The main aspect here is that the way it has been presented to us, it intricately raises many questions on our minds which are woven subtly into the basic storyline which is prevalent throughout the book. It’s intriguing with various novelties & benefits which get added progressively one-by-one as we progress through the plot. Subsequently, a tinge of horror & supernatural element have also been incorporated which adds another feather to the cap.

Cover has been designed beautifully. It has been crafted well with a dark theme which has been borrowed with a knack consisting of an elemental fabric component acting as a salubrious remedial cure of a combination composure prior to a Windows PC game such as Call of duty, Metro, Halo, Borderlands & Battlefield, etc . It also reminds me of the infamous Android Mobile game such as PUBG & Dead trigger, etc. Feels like watching a spy game based movie rather than actually reading it.

Characterisation is good. Plot is well chafted. Synchronisation is well achieved. I won’t be delving into the story here as most of can already be discerned from the blurb itself. Writing style is good accompanied by a nice narration which is further enhanced by a good command over vocabulary. Pace is good.
I just felt the ending could’ve been a bit better as it ascertains a horror elemental aspect. Nonetheless, the book has a lot of potential when it comes to touching the hearts of readers. It lacks the impact everlasting which may leave readers wanting for more. Otherwise, it’s a really good read.

The book has been broadly divided into 4 parts:
1. Catalan, Closed
2. Ghosts
3. Kotov Syndrome
4. Checkmate

Worth recommending to those who love suspense, seeking out the truth from lies, delving into the world of crimes, solving mysteries, unlocking puzzles, horror with a but of spookiness & nonchalant thrillers.

Book review 376 : Sassy Nation by Rajan

Sassy Nation

Politics is a very complicated topic to discuss. It’s often debatable & can lead to unnecessary arguments over irrelevant issues. One may even end up losing their friends or loved ones. I’ve even seen people ending their relationships over this cause. It’s relatively difficult to handle as broaching this topic makes people nauseating. Especially, in a country like ours where people are divided into many sections or groups based on their beliefs, perspectives, personal choices & various biased agendas; it often leads to very unpleasant situations like debates, riots, wars, etc.

I really liked the title of the book. It’s intriguing & it’s also accompanied by a fascinating cover. The cover gives us a glimpse into the story as to what it maybe. And the guess turns out to be true, as it talks about nuclear countries & the role of scientists in developing & empowering a nation via nuclear strategies. Hence, the name sassy nation fits perfectly alongside.

The theme predominantly focuses on two countries India & US respectively. It weaves mystery thriller along with politics in a much sophisticated way. The story starts effortlessly with a debate between a renowned spiritual guru from India & likewise, a renowned scientist from US. Things were going smooth initially, however, soon enough it catches momentum spreading globally just like a rapid forest fire. They’re accurate yet unique with their own respective views as it is usually with human beings. The heated conversation between them sparks a consensus in the form of many unsolved unspoken questions which rise in everyone’s mind.

Additionally, we also we see the sudden disappearance of Indian nuclear scientists over the next couple of years who could never be found despite much repeated attempts. In the due course of time, they’re found either murdered or lost in the labyrinths of mysterious disappearances. People may think that this is a fiction. However, as far as my knowledge is concerned; I remember the incidents mentioned over here as such are completely true based on actual events which took place in India between the years 2007 to 2011.

Language is simple. Narration is okay. Writing style is good. Synchronisation is okay. Though the plot seems to be stretched which makes the overall reading monotonous at many places. Even the pace of the narrative is also comparatively slower. However, the storytelling balances everything accordingly. Nevertheless, an excellent opportunity to read a book which ponders upon such a fascinating yet important topic!

Book review 375 : Of unspoken words & half said truths

Of unspoken words & half said truths

Cover has been designed really well. It looks good enough with all the vibrant colors adding more detail to it. Title is apt & captivating. We usually find romantic novels cheesy or monotonous. However, we don’t find the same over here. Considering the book is from romance genre, it proves to be very efficient. One of the main aspects is that it’s a very light read, hence readers can read it anytime as per their convenience. Now coming back to the topic at hand, let’s discuss about the story.

Geet is a young girl who moves to Mumbai in order to pursue her internship on journalism. She meets Arjun who works in the same field as her colleague. Arjun, being a charming young man is very attractive in nature along with a good personality. Geet finds him irresistible even though he’s already committed.
She has a huge crush on him unable to confess her feelings to him as that would disrupt his beautiful love life with his existing girlfriend. Hence, she remains immersed in her thoughts of one-sided unrequited love for him.
Meanwhile, a new twist in the equation emerges in the form of Kunal. He’s her ex boyfriend with whom she had a relationship in the past. He enters her life smoothly to soothe her wounds acting as a salubrious remedial cure. This spices things up making the story very interesting.

So the main question that arises now is whom does she choose in the end? Whom does she end up with exactly? Additionally moving further, will her dreams get fulfilled for which she moved to a new city? Will her career shine leading way towards her bright future?
Readers will have to read this novel in order to find out what exactly happens!

Language is simple & good enough; makes it easy to understand. Narration is good. Writing style is good accompanied by a nice vocabulary. Synchronisation is well achieved considering the novel is a very short read of hardly 2 hours. The only drawback I felt is the concept of love at first sight. It doesn’t fit well with me, nor do I believe in that concept. It’s too good to be true in actual reality. Nonetheless, a good one-time read!

Book review 374 : Howazatt by Sandeep


I’m a huge fan of Cricket. My favourite teams being Australia, England & India respectively. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game sport played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 22-yard pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps. The game is determined or decided by who scores the highest number of runs (points). This is done by hitting the ball across the boundary, or by one team’s players running between two objects called wickets as many times as possible before the other team gets the ball to either wicket to stop them from scoring runs.

The game started in England in the 16th century. It was later spread by British worldwide between 19th & 20th century.Today, it is the world’s 2nd most popular sport. It’s fanbase where it’s played mostly are from countries like England, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, the West Indies & several other countries such as Afghanistan, Ireland, Kenya, Scotland, the Netherlands, & Zimbabwe.

Coming back to the novel, it’s an amalgamation of sports with technology. By blending cricket with sci-fi, the author has tried to create something extraordinary keeping the same attributes when it comes to vivid descriptions related to positive attire. It is easily foretold with the help of robots as they’ll dominate the future of mankind. This reminds of the same prophecy as foretold by a very popular movie series ‘The terminator’. It clearly describes our dependency, extra reliance & over usage (or misuse) of technology which instead of becoming as a boon acts a predecessor to the harbinger of destruction.

This creativity in terms of idea & quality of research is really intriguing to me. Though, I felt the book still needed a much detailed & deeper research in terms of database with respect to cricket. However, the storytelling has managed to overcome it. Another slight drawback is the length of the novel, I felt it’s way much lengthier than I expected it to be. Hence, it really becomes monotonous at many ends. So, it really becomes apparent that the narration is clumsy as well. Writing style is good accompanied by a nice vocabulary. Synchronisation is okay. Language is simple & easy to understand. A good one-time read!

Book review 373 : This is demand of time by Arijit

This is Demand of time

“Time & tide wait for none.”

That’s what this novel tries to highlight in it’s little journey. This is a very short read of just 80 pages. The information it contains is priceless just like the limited time we all have.
Our time here on this planet is limited, so we shouldn’t waste it living someone else’s life not should we be trapped in a dogma (which is living with the results of other people’s thinking). We shouldn’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out our own inner voice. Everything else is secondary.
Only those who truly value their time, tend to be successful. That can be possible only when we focus on our joy instead of the negativity that surrounds us.

To accomplish great things in life, one must be grateful for what they’ve contemporarily. As we begin to think about all the things in our life that matter to us, that we’re grateful for, we’ll be amazed at the never-seen-before sheer limitless potential we possess which will turn impossible into an effortless reality. Only those who value time & understand it’s importance can become successful!

Though it’s a nonfiction, it’s really interesting to read. The highlighted themes include creativity, importance of things by not taking them for granted, talent, creativity, guts to never give up, practical knowledge, facing reality & never ending zeal to gain knowledge.

The book is divided into seven parts for our ease of convenience:
What is on Demand?
Demand of Creativity.
Demand of Relevant Fearlessness.
Demand of being Practical.
Demand of being Proactive.
Demand of being Rich.
Demand of Knowledge.
Writing style is good accompanied by a nice narration. The simple anecdotes accompanied by short stories & quotes at certain places makes it very interesting to read. It’s further accompanied by quotes & anecdotes by great legends as well. The addition of flow charts, freebody diagrams & graphical analysis provides a better understanding & clearer approach towards the logical solution. The research imparted is clearly evident as well. A good one-time read!

Book review 372 : Papa by Jiganshu


In my opinion, this book is dissapointing. Let’s start from the cover, I felt is too bland as it could’ve been designed better. It looks really plain & unappealing to the eyes. Even the choice of title is too flimsy, unattractive & poor. It’s way too simple & doesn’t sound captivating enough.
Anyway, coming to the book at hand. It’s a mystery thriller which has psychological aspects embedded at many places. Also, it’s a very short read.

The story revolves around Mehra family from Kanta Kunj located in Dwarka, Delhi. It involves the tale of a girl called Ishita Mehra who has been murdered under mysterious circumstances. Even her father Suresh Mehra passed away sometime ago in a car accident. The family is now depressed over the loss of their important members & is totally dependent on their two male children, Ritesh & Pawan respectively. Pawan leaves for abroad to pursue his education. Ritesh quits his studies to take up a job in order to support his family.

Geetu Mehra, the youngest daughter of the household is physically disabled. The case of Ishita’s murder is being handled by police Inspector named Rajveer Singhmar from Sardar police station of Dwarka who’s determined to solve this mystery. There wasn’t much suspense involved in the book to begin with. It was pretty much evident to predict what’s about to happen. One could easily decipher it. I couldn’t find anything different or unique when it comes to thrillers. We usually see these type of stories in TV shows like ‘Savdhan India or Crime Patrol.’

I felt the novel lacks many crucial points. Though, it’s poignant from the aspect where where the death of certain family members cripple the entire household. However, from a thriller point of view, it’s very weakly fragmented. Domestic tragedy or crime fiction can be portrayed much better as the topic is very touching. Hence, it has to be handled accordingly in a much sophisticated format. The amalgamous references to the core suspense required to weave a gripping tale which will hook us to the novel is entirely missing. It lacks the impact which may leave readers wanting for more as in the case of mystery thrillers. Overall, an okay book to read!

Book review 371 : A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda

A Silent Takeover

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so highly disappointed after reading a crime thriller which was supposed to be intriguing as I expected it to be, however, as it turns out I was very wrong. I had high hopes for it after reading the blurb, but it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Though the topic selected here is very good as it highlights bollywood film industry. So considering the magnanimous adaptability of the theme, I felt the execution could’ve been much better.

The only plus point I felt good about the novel is that it highlights the toxic masculinity in the form of patriarchy which is prevalent all over our country, even in the film industry as well. The portrayal of the description of women as nothing but playthings for men is something to ponder upon. People in power think they can get away with whatever they want by reducing women to nothing but sextoys to be exploited & manipulated.

Storytelling is poor. Writing style is okay. Language is simple. Narration is okay. Plot is poor. Characterisation is poor. World building is lacking. Needs thorough editing. Consists many grammatical errors. Lacks typesetting & proofreading. A total dissapointing read. Not worth recommended for thriller fans!

Book review 370 : Wicked Desires by Vikrant Roy

Wicked Desires

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that this book is of erotic genre. It can be easily deduced just by looking at the title. Even the cover is a sensual treat to the eyes. The theme contemplates on the fact which is greater, lust or love? The events taking place in the premise of the novel can happen in anyone’s life in today’s world where everyone’s busy chasing their busy lives, where people choose to run behind trivial things instead of important ones, where humans choose lust over love.

This is a typical Indian drama set in the premise of a typical Indian household. Sunil & Payal are happily married. Sunil is straightforward & bold when it comes to his carnal desires, however, Payal on the other hand, is very conservative, shy & somewhat reserved. They love each other despite all inhibitions.
Things seem good upto this point. However, a new plottwist enters this scenario in the form of a new character named Nakul.
Nakul is a stranger who starts living with them because of a strange commitment made by Sunil’s father beforehand in a previous era of time. Nakul has fatal attraction towards Payal & tries to seduce her in every possible way. This obviously creates problems in Sunil & Payal’s married lives.
What happens next? Will lust overcome love? Read this book to find out more.
There’s a possibility of a sequel the way the book ends abruptly leaving us in a suspense.

Language is simple, easy to read & understand. Narration is okay. Writing style is normal. A good one-time read. Recommended for those who love eroticas set in Indian background. Unless one isn’t comfortable with erotica, one shouldn’t pick this up.

Book review 369 : Decimus by Rakhi Kapoor


With the Pandemic on full throttle, many people have lost their jobs. Infact, due to the rise in unemployment there’s a steady increase in startups & hungy entrepreneurs in the market who wish to do something innovative. With this being in place, the competition even in startup field is quite high. That’s where this book comes into the equation, it serves as a priority refresher for whoever wish to pursuit this option. As it is an excellent choice to establish a good medium of work which will create employment opportunities for numerous youth groups.

It starts on a good premise with a promise of right extension like qualities & aspects required to be a successful entrepreneur. It further extrapolates the associated risks involved along with the possible failures. It also relates the importance of hardwork & efforts to patience, perseverance, inspiration, development, personality change & motivation, etc. Additionally, it covers topics on how to earn more money over a short period of time, purpose of life & how to work in a stressful environment in a very realistic manner.

The book has many cute little illustrations etched with salient information at certain places in the novel which further increases the intensity of reading experience up a notch.

I feel the book failed in this particular regard where it tried to create a distinction between men & women. The inclusion of an additional chapter for women aspiring to be entrepreneurs wasn’t actually needed as all the relevant information has been discussed for everyone regardless of their gender differences. Career development as an entrepreneur remains the same throughout across all sections of society.

Language is simple & easy to understand. Narration is okay. Writing style is normal. Research aspect is missing. I wish it had more detailed explanation of things like information partaking with more graphical statistics, mathematical charts & tables. An okay book to read.

Book review 368 : Operation Hellfire by Siddhartha Thorat

Operation hellfire

Throughout history, it’s pretty much evident that hatred is spreading. We wish to do something about it, but we don’t know what. However, I truly believe that someday, the day shall come when people truly understand one another & all hatred, conflicts, wars, terrorism will come to an end. There is no such thing as real peace. It’s impossible as long as we live in this accursed world filled with lies & deceit!

Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because. No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war, it’s enough for perpetrators like terrorists to infiltrate a country & bring chaos upon the innocents. Just by living, people hurt others without even realizing it. So long as humanity exists, hatred will also exist!

When people get hurt, they learn to hate… When people hurt others, they become hated & racked with guilt. But knowing that pain allows people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow.
We as humans are filled with hatred, we’re drawn to act in the name of revenge that we deem to be justice. But if there is justice in revenge, then that same justice will breed only more revenge and trigger a cycle of hatred.
Justice comes from vengeance but justice only breeds more vengeance.

By reading this short book which is hardly around 100 pages – we understand the importance of necessary security agencies & intelligence institutions exist in our country which protect us from terrorists who infiltrate our land via any inhumane means possible. It also points out how difficult this task is as we usually think that it’s easy since we don’t have any idea about it. However, in actual reality it’s a sheer combination of bravery & patriotism.

Language is simple, easy to understand. Narration is okay. Writing style is simple. There’s a lot of important information provided here for the readers which are very crucial for us to know. The relevant actions involved behind the scenes is of utmost reverence. So the research aspect done over here is totally commendable. A good one-time read!